Donald Trump is daily accused by Democrats and Republicans alike of being undisciplined and off message. “He needs to stick to the script,” they say. They do not understand his satire and irony. If they do understand, they do not appreciate his unique approach to political campaigning. The fact is the Donald is very disciplined and focused on his message. The real problem is that his critics hate his core message, “Make America Great Again!”
   During the primaries he was outspent by many of his more politically prominent opponents, yet he easily defeated them all. Still, the pundits don’t get it.
As an open-air campus preacher, I understand Donald Trump. Much of the criticism of my ministry comes from the Christian community, who should supportive. They say, “Just preach the gospel. We have been listening all day and have not heard the name of Jesus once. Stick to the Bible. Don’t talk about politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, etc.”
   The fact is that I do regularly refer to the death and resurrection of Jesus. I repeatedly declare that Jesus is the only way to salvation. The problem is students have ears, but they hear not. They cannot handle it when we smash their intellectual idols and convict their consciences with the power of the Holy Ghost.
   Virtually daily Trump makes seemingly outrageous statements. We preachers are daily accused of being offensive. We mock unbelievers so called life-styles and worldly values. To an extent we are showman. We do not have a captive audience like the professors but at least we do have the ear of the students. With our confrontational style of evangelism, we force the Christian community further and further into the background of irrelevance. They are losing their small corner. They accuse me, “You are ruining everything we have been working for all year.” Their work is peaceful coexistence with humanism and secularism.
   Trump dominates the media. Meanwhile, Hillary stays in the background afraid to duel it out with Trump, which is wise on her part since she does not come near having his charisma. And her message is without substance. It is the same old, same old, from the Obama years and the same socialist’s stuff going back to her husband’s administration with all the scandals. Trump has a new and refreshing message that captures the attention of the populace. “I will build the wall and make Mexico pay for it!”
Trump has to go it alone or so it seems. I have been going it alone for over four decades. Neither one of us are actually alone. Both of us have our supporters but they are unseen. There is a definite method to our apparent madness. But men refuse to see it. They do not want to believe what we say. Trump is a threat to the established order of both political parties. We are a threat to the university because if what we say is true, then most of what is being taught at the university is false.
   Sister Cindy and I understand that the gospel includes freedom from sin. Christians on campus share a gospel that forgives sin but does not set free from the power and dominion of sin. They hate this aspect of Christ’s message, which is the core of his message. When Trump speaks both the politicians and media are worked into a frenzy. He says what no one else dares to say. What he says seems outrageous but in reality it is not. It is so offensive because the abnormal has become the normal in our society and especially on college campuses. Neither Trump nor I accept the politically correct thinking of this generation whether in be in the general society or the church.
When I preach, the sinners and professing Christians are emotionally agitated and rarely engage us intellectually. Just as neither the media nor Hillary will rationally engage the man so loudly sounding the political trumpet.
   I could and I may give further explanation of why I say Trump is a man after my own heart. Since the primaries the politicians and pundits reluctantly admit that Trump’s tactics worked for the primaries but will not work for the general election. We shall see. The campaign is just getting started. “You ain’t seen nor heard nothin’ yet.” Trump is a master at communication. He is a unique in the history of American politics.

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