The Lord of the Dance

When the Trumps arrived at the Inaugural Ball, the President said, “We did it. We began this journey and they said … we didn’t have a chance but we knew we were going to win and we won.”

The pundits predicted that Hillary would waltz to the Presidency. But to her shock, she was not even asked to the big dance.

Instead at Inaugural Ball, the Trumps danced to Frank Sinatra’s greatest hit, “My Way.” And the President mouthed some of the words, while he held Melania’s hand near his heart.

Indeed, he did it his way, when the establishment of the Republican Party, the Democrats, and the pundits repeatedly said to the very end, “He can’t do it this way!”

And more, much more than this

I did it my way.

“He can’t accuse Mexicans of being murderers, rapists, drug dealers and get the nomination. Trump will implode with his own words. He doesn’t have a ground game. He doesn’t have the organization. He’s not a conservative. He is not mentally sound. He is not Presidential. He throws temper tantrums on Twitter.”

I did what I had to do

And saw it through without exception

They predicted, “His candidacy went from boom to bust when he criticized McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War. He can’t question and oppose Bush’s war in Iraq and expect to be the party’s standard bearer. He can’t make fun of a handicapped man; it will finish him.”

I planned each charted course

Each careful step along the byway

Oh, and more, much more than this

I did it my way

Each week it was something new during the Primaries, then in the General Election, that was bound to bring about the end of his run but he kept gaining in the opinion polls and winning primaries.

They said, “What worked in the primaries will never work in the General Election.” When he received the nomination, the pundits were all saying he had to pivot, but he never did.

“He can’t attack a five- star family and expect to be president. He cannot say the crude things he has said about women and win.

“He can’t build the wall! He can’t make Mexico pay for it! He can’t prevent Muslims from entering the country. He can’t drain the swamp. There is no way for him to get the necessary electoral votes; he has no path to the presidency. The reality is that leaders in the Republican Party know he can’t win.”

Tonight, his opponents were all still in shock, months after his election when the lord of the Ball danced with his wife.

For what is a man, what has he got

If not himself, then he has not

To say the things he truly feels

And not the words he would reveal

The record shows I took the blows

And did it my way

He proved all his enemies wrong in every instance. He did it; he did it his way! He became lord of the biggest dance in “the free world.”

For I am the lord of the dance, said he

And I’ll lead you all wherever you may be

And I’ll lead you all in the dance, said he.

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